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Don’t be confused by the name Lefty Luthier, though I have built a far higher percentage of left handed instruments than other luthiers over the past 52 years, many of my instruments are standard right-hand. I just happen to be left-handed and inherited this moniker. My business plan is simple; I build what you want with attention to every detail including unique one-of-a kind as well as traditional and replica instruments. Mandolins, Guitars, Violins and unique instruments are all available.  I do service or repair work on other luthier’s products only when time permits with my custom instrument work load though I will always do so on those that I build in the most expedicious manner. I also excel at the restoration of vintage instruments and converting from right to left play on all stringed instruments.

I strive to build the ultimate instrument with regard to materials, trim and hardware. The instrument generally has multi-color bindings, Waverly or Gotoh tuners and the cast bronze tail of your choice. Inclusion of a K&K pickup is optional. Guitars genreally has a complex artist rosette and perfling as well as binding on all edges.

Regardless of trim, hardware or finish, an instrument built by Lefty is constructed from the finest materials available and, given reasonable care, will last for many generations.  I strive for excellence in both sound quality and visual beauty and expect my customers to settle for nothing less.

My F5 & F4 mandolins and H5 mandolas start at $4,000 up to $8,000, A style mandolins and mandolas from $2,500 to $5,500, MC4 octave mandolins and MC5 mandocellos from $5,000 to $10,000, the Boomer starts at $4,500.  Ukuleles run from $800 to $2,000 and solid body, OM, 000 and parlor guitars from $2,000 to $10,000 and the archtop guitars range from $5,000 to rediculous.

I build violins using the Stradivari form factor with Carpathian Spruce belly and European Maple backs oil varnish finished in the classical manner for a fixed $4,000 price.

I make every effort to deliver your instrument in perfect, ready to play condition, but as with anything new sometimes bad things occur either in shipping or just exposure of an undetected problem as the instrument is broken in. If such a thing happens, I will make every effort to satisfactorily correct the problem. Due to the personalization of any custom instrument, all sales are final but I guarantee that I will do everything possible to insure a satisfactory resullt. Please refer to the complete warranty statement at the bottom of the Construction Details section. 

A word to my customers: Your privacy is of paramount importance to me. I will never disclose or boast your name to a prospective customer or post it on-line without your permission but I do depend on your word of mouth endorsement for future business.



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Biography of the Lefty Luthier - Byron Spain Byron Spain PE I hold graduate degrees in physics and mechanical engineering and am a registered professional acoustical engineer (Texas PE#30008). As a member of the acoustics staff of the Boeing Company for more than 30 years, I conducted research on how vibration and sound affect materials, electronics, and structures. I was granted three patents relating to noise control in aircraft structures that are currently in use on most commercial aircraft and 9 other patents relating to mechanisms and dynamic controls. Boeing named me “Inventor of the Year” three times during my professional career. I was inducted into Strathmore’s Who’s Who for contributions to acoustic technology in 1996 and was awarded the Texas Crystal Bulb award in 2004 for lifetime achievement as a leader in science. Read more...
copy of completed rim Lefty's Construction Details I complete a maximum of three instruments each month. The minimum flow time for my instruments is 90 days to allow adhesives and finishes to properly cure. The average flow time is 5 months from start of construction to delivery for standard instruments. On most instruments, roughly 20% of my time is spent on basic construction, 20% on tuning, 40% on finish, 10% on hardware installation, and 10% on set-up. My pricing is intended to reflect the amount of labor involved in each step plus the actual cost of materials. The inlays shown on the pricing page are done using a CNC mill in parallel with construction but more intricate inlays take extra time since I subcontract them out to those highly skilled in that exacting craft. When you order, we will establish a start time based on current backlog. Read more...

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